Amber D. Lucsay

Attorney Amber Lucsay has been practicing criminal defense for fourteen years. She has broad experience in felonies and misdemeanors in both state and federal court.

Atty. Lucsay is an aggressive attorney in trial and in prosecutorial negotiations.

Her experience in defense work includes property and financial crimes, DUI / OWI, domestic abuse, probation and parole revocation, drug crimes, assaultive and weapons offenses, bail jumping, sexual crimes defense, as well as many other types of accusations.

What clients say about attorney Amber Lucsay

“Fierce and Competent”

I was appointed Amber through the State Public Defenders office for a complicated felony case that lasted over a year. Together, we navigated through a case study of Murphy’s Law. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. 5 different ADAs, the PD’s office not approving funding for needed experts, and lots of delays.

Thanks to Amber, I managed to stay sane and confident. Because of her fierce advocacy, even against the agency that was funding her, the DA’s office dropped the case.


“Professional and Competent”

I talked to many lawyers in Madison and Amber was the first to listen attentively and carefully and advise me in a straightforward manner. Thank you so much!

Past Client

“Excellent Attorney at Hand”

She was very outgoing determined knowledgeable understanding caring took out time to listen and understand what you wanted instead of what the opposite side wanted to give you. She explained the circumstances and had more than one option to accept or not. Amber is
definitely fair and is willing to fight for your rights if you are being honest with her.

If I needed another attorney for any situation I would definitely call Atty. Amber Lucsay again without any hesitations. Thanks Amber


“Amber fought hard for me…”

Amber is extremely knowledgeable all around and immediately took on my case and reached out to the right people to get things rolling so we could get through it together. Amber was not only my lawyer through this extremely tough and scary part of my life but a friend who was by my side fighting hard to help achieve the best possible outcome. Without Amber things could have been much worse for me. Amber fought hard for me during negotiations and at sentencing and I can’t thank her enough.