25 Jun 2020


It has been a long immigration journey and Jen Hanna has helped us through it. Not just in the legal aspect but emotional as well. We set off on a journey basically unknown, in the hands of the U.S Government, not knowing what they where thinking and fearful of what was to happen next. Jen Hanna and her team helped us every step of the way, by filling out all necessary paperwork with the information we provided, and any questions we had they answered them. Even when my husband was in El Salvador for the last step of his process and worry plus anxiety stepped in they where there to help us through it all. It is not an easy process to go through and it really tears you emotionally but we are very thankful for Jen Hanna and Her team to hold our hand through it all and made sure everything was done right. For all there work that they did to finally have my husband come home legal is a relief and we are very thankful for their dedication to his case and treating us like a human versus a paycheck! You guys are amazing!!