19 Jan 2021

Stringent Wisconsin OWI Laws

Criminal Defense

Did you know if you are convicted of a fourth Wisconsin OWI, you will suffer a permanent revocation of your license if the offense occurs within 15 years of your latest OWI offense? According to Wisconsin Act 172, a law passed in March 2018, this is the case. Additionally, you will be unable to apply for an occupational license. 

If you are facing a fourth OWI charge in Wisconsin, a lot is on the line. Generally, a lot is on the line if you face any OWI charge in Wisconsin, as you could suffer fines and a criminal record. These cases are most sufficiently handled by lawyers who know the ins and outs of Wisconsin OWI laws and the methods of testing used by the police in making these typesof arrests. If you are facing a Wisconsin OWI charge, contact Eastbridge Law Group, LLC.

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