27 Jan 2023

How to Get the Most Out of Your Child Custody Battle

Family Law

Nobody ever said going through a child custody battle would be easy. In fact, it is often one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. To help you through, follow these tips:

1. Focus on the Best Interest of Your Child

Sadly, many parents lose sight of the essential aspect of a custody battle: the child’s best interest. Instead, parents get too involved in trying to win and forget why they are there in the first place.

2. Hire an Experienced Family Law Attorney

The best thing you can do for yourself if you face a child custody battle is hire an experienced family law attorney. You do not want to go through this alone, and an attorney can be by your side along the way and help you reach the outcome you desire.

3. Work Together to Keep Things from Getting Ugly

Things can get ugly very quickly in a child custody battle. Although it may seem like you should work against your ex-spouse, you should not. Keep in mind that they are your child’s other parent. Keep things cordial for the benefit of your children.

4. Address Issues That Could Work Against You

Opposing counsel will put every aspect of your life under a microscope if you face a child custody battle. Therefore, advise your attorney of any potential issues or negative aspects of your life that opposing counsel may use against you. This allows your attorney to build up a defense if one of these topics presents itself.

5. Exercise Caution with Your Social Media Use

Social media can be a scary, dangerous place. Be careful not to post anything you may regret; you never know who may see your posts. Also, although you can delete something off social media, you never know if someone took a screenshot or picture of what you posted.

6. Stay Positively Engaged in Your Child’s Life

The best thing you can do for your child is to be there for them. After all, you are their parent. Therefore, take every opportunity you must be present in your child’s life and avoid any mistakes that could jeopardize your ability to do so.